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A Romp With The Georgians by David Harper (£12)

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Coming soon: A Bash With The British Empire ! 


David Harper is a well known BBC TV antiques presenter on Bargain Hunt, Flog It and the Antiques Road Trip. His new book ‘A Romp With The Georgians’ takes a funny and light hearted look at our ancestors life’s in Britain during the Georgian period (1714 - 1830) …funny, shocking, dastardly and true tales our history teachers forgot to tell us! 


As well as the book, David has a one-man show with the same title.
1.5 hours in two parts (with a break)

suitable for theatres or private groups

The show includes stories about strange pets, binge drinking, Georgian cosmetic surgery, electrified beds, smugglers, drug dealers, dodgy politicians, hot dating tips and how to sell your wife in auction…amongst many other things! 


Q & A’s and audience participation throughout…it’s a lively and unscripted history stand up show! 


Here’s some reviews: 


‘Huge fun! And amazingly informative too. Gyles Brandreth 


‘It’s hard to believe that such stylish silverware and elegant architecture were produced by this bunch of hooligans…enjoy the Romp! Graeme Garden 


David’s book ‘A Romp With The Georgians’ will be available on the night with meet and greet book signing